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About Us

Trescore Centro s.r.l. was founded in 2000 by professionals who have been working in the building sector for decades.
In a few years it has become a solid and significant reference point in the real estate scene of Bergamo and its province.

The development of this Company is based on four pillars that characterize all of us members:

PASSION in carrying out this wonderful activity, which allows us to realize with our hands and our forces the beautiful real estate initiatives that we have the pleasure of proposing and of contributing to making happy and fulfilling the dream of all those who decide to contact us for the purchase of your home, where you can spend the most beautiful and exciting moments of your life;

PROFESSIONALITY especially in relationships with customers. The same quality that you will appreciate in all our collaborators;

CARE with which we select the real estate transactions that we are going to realize, because the house is a precious asset, is the shelter of all of us and our families but it is also an investment that must be solid and safe and that we must guarantee an adequate rent in the future. This is why we dedicate so much attention to this aspect. Real estate investing must never disappoint, because it is a solid and profitable piggy bank for our savings;

RESEARCH continues and scrupulously of the most advanced construction techniques oriented towards energy saving, which obviously allows us to save in economic terms on users, on the costs of management and maintenance of the plants, and at the same time to have an eye for the environment.

In the wish that our motivations, honesty and loyalty with which we work can be shared with all of you, we extend our best regards.


Andrea Guizzetti
Legal representative

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