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All of us at Trescore Centro s.r.l. we want satisfy you fully during the purchase of your home, so we will be ready to assist you in every aspect.

  • Customization of homes For all the solutions under construction, our technicians make their experience and professionalism available in a totally free way. Being able to customize the internal layout of the premises guarantees the customer the ability to meet their living needs and their tastes.
  • Study of furniture Furnishing your home must be a pleasure and not a reason for stress, so we will recommend some furniture factories that we have carefully selected, which will follow in the choice of furnishings and interior finishes and where you can enjoy a particular economic treatment. At these companies you can see and touch all products that will be offered to you. The staff will also provide the necessary inspections for the verification of measurements, assembly and after-sales assistance.
  • Choice of financing For those who need funding or simply want a comparison between their bank and another institution, we are able to inform you of numerous contacts between well-known banks or alternatively a “caveau Italia” brokerage company that thanks to the highly experienced staff always manages to provide the right product for the needs of each customer.
  • Refinement of the preliminary contract Following the drafting of the preliminary contract, the customer is called upon to complete this writing by means of the notarial deed; it is precisely at this delicate stage that our accountants always keep up-to-date with the latest tax regulations. Being in close contact with notary and accounting firms, they make sure that your purchase is carried out in full compliance with the laws in force, without having to do anything else but submit to the notarial deed.

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